Pupils uncover the Lost Journeys of the Furness Railway

Signal partners with Barrow Island Primary School to uncover the Lost Journeys of the Furness Railway

Last month Signal ran a taster workshop for a year 5 class at Barrow Island Primary as part of the project Lost Journeys on the Furness Railway. Pupils heard about the history of the Furness Railway and tried out photography and oral history sound recording.

The class have now started a series of creative workshops and aim to tell the story of Barrow Island Shipyard Station. Opened in 1899 and custom built for Vickers Shipyard workforce, Barrow Island Station was well-used until its closure in 1967.

Led by filmmaker Sheryl Jenkins, the pupils have learnt about simple animation techniques and started creating artwork for a cutout style animated story.

They drew various types of images relating to trains, old stations, steam trains and conductors using old photographs of Barrow Island Train Station as inspiration.

Pupils have also put their oral history training into practice by interviewing and recording residents memories of how the train line featured in their lives in the days when it was the primary mode of transport and when industry was thriving.

Continuing the project throughout January 2016 the class will storyboard and edit their animated story that will link the lives of ordinary people to the grand history of the rail.